Professional Business Communication Skills

Learn How To Write, Present, and Negotiate for the Global Marketplace.

Knowing how to properly communicate according to traditional business practices is crucial for winning business and maintaining good relations with corporate partners world-wide.

This begins with understanding the professional standards in 2 key areas:

All business relationships begin with an Introduction. Whether in person or in writing, how your company presents itself gives an insight into your company’s caliber and professionalism. Poor communications skills and public speaking impact a company’s image, revenue, efficiency, and profitability. With the knowledge of how to communicate effectively, the techniques and formulas for successful business Sales and Negotiation strategy become powerful tools.

Professionalism begins from within. How your company’s leadership presents its vision, goals, and values impacts all levels of the corporate hierarchy. Effective Internal Communications and Interpersonal Skills create a professional, efficient, and more profitable organization. This comes with strategic organizational communications skills planning from company leadership.

Professional Scholastics provides a modular approach to its communication skills training for individually tailored programs. Elements from any and all modules can be combined to create a custom solution for your company’s specific needs and goals.

Whether a complete Organizational Communications Suite or a standard individual course, Professional Scholastics provides the coursework that can transform the abilities of your company to effectively communicate.


2 Day 10 hr program up to 20 attendees - $5000 per class

Example: 20 attendees, 10 hrs, $5000 or $250 per attendee

2 Day 10 hr program up to 20 attendees - $5000 per class
2 Day 10 hr program up to 20 attendees - $5000 per class
2 Day 10 hr program up to 20 attendees - $5000 per class
2 Day 10 hr program up to 20 attendees - $5000 per class
3 Day 16 hr program up to 20 attendees - $7500 per class
2 Day 10 hr program up to 10 attendees - $6000 per class
4 day Strategic Consulting including 2 Day Training - $9950

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Our Methodology Includes:

Each of these programs can be customized according to the specifications of a company. We can also combine elements of each program to give a broad educational overview.

Group Training

Our group classes can range from 10 to 20 participants


Personal Coaching. Private Sessions for individuals or group break outs

Digital Video Sessions

Video playback to demonstrate progressive results

Professional Scholastics offers One on One Coaching for executives who need to prepare for that important presentation. This 1 or 2 Day coaching includes video taped sessions and presentation structure consulting. Virtual Sets can be incorporated into coaching to place the executive into the environment they will be speaking. These computer-generated scenes enhance the training experience and can include the simulation of large auditoriums.

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Professional Scholastics will train your corporate trainer to deliver our programs. Your trainer could then process the program attendees through us for Certificates of Completion approved by NASBA.

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Professional Scholastics’ consulting services are available upon request and availability.

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Professional Scholastics is a pioneer in virtual technology training. The use of Virtual Sets represents the cutting edge in training methodology. Computer generated environments place presenters into simulated locations for enhanced training experience. Using Vector Keying software and green screen sets, Professional Scholastics coaches can create virtual environments on-site at your office. This adds a level of realism to the training experience that increases the effectiveness of our video playback coaching.

The depth to which a company wishes to train its staff is dependant upon its goals. We will combine any of the above for a complete custom solution for your company. And our facilitators are highly trained and experienced to attend to the specific needs of your organization. To explore a solution tailored just for your staff, contact a Professional Scholastics training consultant today.

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