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International Sales Presentations,

When your Sales and Marketing plan includes a growing investment in global penetration, it is more important than ever to maximize the effectiveness of your international sales team. The age old approach of quoting features and benefits on a lifeless Power Point no longer addresses the needs of the global customer. Neither does simply sending emails and making the occasional on site visit.

International Sales Presentations provides training on both the methodology for achieving real results, as well as the cutting edge technology for the global marketplace of the 21st century.

Developing Global Presentations

Participants learn how to design the framework of an effective presentation

Learn proper voice and body techniques for delivery of a sales presentation

Active Engagement

Prior to giving a presentation –

Participants learn to open a dialogue that goes beyond surface questions

Uncover underlying business goals and motivators

Instructive Persuasion

During presentation –

Participants learn how to tie specific client needs and goals uncovered using Active Engagement to specific product or service benefits

Instruct clients as to how best use product or service to meet their business goals

Effective Power Points

Participants learn the most effective way to visually present a product or service, and the specific Need > Benefit Tie Learn to integrate 3-D graphics and Video

Winning Webcasts

Participants learn how to develop an effective Sales Web Conference

Learn to create Video Webcast of Sales Presentation

Send client Video Emails with over- the- shoulder Power Points, Video

Learn how to give Sales Presentations that win global business!

On-Site Classes

1 Day 6 hr program up to 20 attendees - $3500 per class

2 Day 10 hr program up to 20 attendees - $5000 per class

Example: 20 attendees, 10 hrs, $5000 or $250 per attendee

For more information on our On-Site Seminars

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