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Leadership Communications

“The difference between a leader and a manager is communication” - Winston Churchill

Many business leaders are under the illusion that when they speak, communication has taken place. They are then often surprised when the appropriate actions were not taken. The organization suffers the consequences.

Professional Scholastics’ Leadership Communications will help business leaders create an organizational focus in their communications.

The Course Teaches:

Communicating the leaders's vision

Better alignment around strategic initiatives

Creating organizational awareness

Communication between constituencies

Efficiency through clarity

With the understanding of what the message is, a leader must know how to deliver it.

Professional Scholastics offers:

Executive Coaching for Presentations

These 1 or 2 day video taped private sessions offer techniques for getting your message across clearly, concisely, and effectively.

On-Site Classes

1 Day 6 hr program up to 20 attendees - $3500 per class

2 Day 10 hr program up to 20 attendees - $5000 per class

Example: 20 attendees, 10 hrs, $5000 or $250 per attendee

For more information on our On-Site Seminars

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