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International Presentation Skills

Communications skills have long been recognized as those which shape the world we live. A survey of American executives place communication skills as the most important skills an employee can have. What innovative idea has emerged and crossed the globe without the effective communication of it’s benefit?

However, for many talented people around the world, giving a presentation is one of the most daunting challenges of their work. Unsure of how to stand, how to move, and how to speak effectively, many people dread the thought of having to give a presentation. And many times an ineffective delivery will greatly damage the impact of an otherwise well prepared presentation. The success of your global efforts may depend on having effective presentation skills.

International Presentation Skills teaches all of the skills needed to give an effective and powerful presentation.

Vocal and Movement Skills

Participants learn proper vocal techniques that will ensure appropriate volume, enunciation, pitch, and modulation

Learn proper stance, positioning, body movement, and gestures

Effective Power Points

Participants learn how to create visually effective text, charts, and graphs

Learn appropriate usage and reference to visual aids

Adding 3-D effects and Digital Video

And now, with the advent of the communications revolution, face to face presentations can be given across the globe using the nearest medium to being in person – Virtual Presentations in Digital Video. This affordable and easy to use technology is revolutionizing the way corporations communicate.

Effective Web Conferences

Participants learn how to set up the content and timing of a web conference

Learn the effective use of Power Points, graphics, and digital video

Digital Video Webcasts

Participants learn how to inexpensively and easily design a video webcast from a conference room or their own desk

Learn to insert over the shoulder Power Points containing charts, graphs, and video

Create Virtual Sets to turn any location into the environment of your choice

Integrated Translations

Learn how to use translation services that can translate the voice, text, and graphics of your global presentation.

On-Site Classes

1 Day 6 hr program up to 20 attendees - $3500 per class

2 Day 10 hr program up to 20 attendees - $5000 per class

Example: 20 attendees, 10 hrs, $5000 or $250 per attendee

For more information on our On-Site Seminars
email seminars@proscholastics.com.

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